Print your own Gute Wolke stickers, posters, postcards, or t-shirt designs. You have permission to use all the files which we have uploaded here.

The next steps for you: CHOOSE – SAVE – PRINT – and let your creativity be free. We will be pleased if you send us a little story about where your Gute Wolke design is on display.

Team Gute Wolke.

For big and little ones.

Here you can download a vector file. With it, you can design very little graphicsC and also XXL-sized graphics without having any pixilation problems.

All the clouds are flying freeee.

These png-files of Gute Wolke are on a transparent background. They are perfect for a digital picture collage and can be easily overlapped and rearranged.


Have someone to thank? Download this postcard and send it to a friend!

desktop wallpaper.

For all of you who spend most of your time sitting in front of the computer… here you can select a wallpaper and set it as your desktop background.